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SCY 16201/SCY 16201 PRO Parts

SCY 16201 1/16 brushed four-wheel drive racing off-road vehicle.

SCY 16201 PRO 1/16 brushless four-wheel drive racing off-road vehicle.

Competition car design,

The difference between them is that 16201 PRO uses a 2840 4000 KV value brushless motor,

35A receiving integrated control (splash-proof) ESC, three-wire 17G digital steering gear,

And metal differential, metal CVD front drive shaft, metal rear dog bone, metal wheel cup;

The maximum speed of the brushless version is about 70KM/h,

The explosiveness of the whole car is very strong.

Let you experience the high-speed driving feeling of a real car.

Suitable venues: flat ground, sandy ground, muddy ground, grassland.

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