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SCY 16303/SCY 16303 PRO Parts

SCY 16303 1/16 brushed four-wheel drive flat running drift car.

SCY 16303 PRO 1/16 brushless 4WD flat running drift car.

Simulate the appearance design of retro cool cars,

The difference between them is that 16303 PRO uses a 2840 4000 KV value brushless motor,

35A receiving integrated control (splash-proof) ESC, three-wire 17G digital steering gear,

The maximum speed of the brushless version is about 70KM/h,

Devil angel eye seven mode functions: devil angel eye water light, devil angel eye always on, devil eye always on, angel eye always on, devil water light, devil angel eye breathing light, turn signal (front and back flashing at the same time);

Applicable venues: flat roads, cement roads, asphalt roads, race tracks;

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